Saturday, February 6, 2016

Adar I: Enhancing our joy

Dear Friends,

This post is about the Jewish month of Adar I, as it relates to The Chazak Plan: A 12 Month Journey to Spiritual Strength.

This year is a Jewish leap year which means that there are two Adars: Adar I and Adar II. Purim is celebrated during the second Adar.

Rosh Chodesh Adar I begins Monday night, the 8th of February, and lasts for two days.

Our Sages teach that with the arrival of Adar we increase our joy, culminating in the festival of Purim. Purim commemorates the salvation of the Jewish people during the Persian exile.

While we do not have direct control over our moods, the following are six tools which can be helpful in enhancing them: Gratitude, acceptance, self-compassion, expressing ourselves, addressing festering issues and making lifestyle enhancements. Many times, even using just one tool will help us feel better and increase our enjoyment of life. For more info, see 6 Tools to Enhance Your Mood

After reading the above article, choose one tool which you will utilize this month. Then, decide on the one change, technique or behavior, related to that tool, you will do on a daily or regular basis, for at least this month. You can add it to your checklist and track how often you do it.

Questions for the month:

“What do I think is most negatively affecting my emotional health? How will I address it?”

“What will I do this month to enhance my emotional health/mood and become a happier person?”

Take care and may God grant us success in the coming month,


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