Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Cheshvan: Prayer

Dear Friends,

This Shabbat is the Shabbat Project. For an article about this worldwide initiative click here.

The rest of this post is about the Jewish month of Cheshvan, as it relates to The Chazak Plan: A 12 Month Journey to Spiritual Strength.

Rosh Chodesh Cheshvan begins this Thursday night, the 23rd of October, and lasts for two days, Friday and Shabbat.

On the 7th of Cheshvan, in Israel, prayers for rain begin. For this month, consider selecting at least one section of the prayers to say daily with understanding. In addition or instead, recite daily one Psalm with understanding (longer Psalms can be read over two to three days).

(If you don’t yet pray daily, open up a prayer book and see if any of the prayers resonate with you, or better yet, ask your rabbi or spiritual mentor for a suggestion; recite that prayer every day. Alternatively, read daily from the book of Psalms. There are many excellent English translations available with varied formats; choose one that works best for you.)

One type of prayer is called Hitbodedut; this is where we talk out loud to God in our native language, unburdening ourselves to Him. Try this practice at least once, although preferably for a week or month. See how it can help you feel closer to God and to fortifying yourself with His comfort and support.

Part of upgrading our prayers, is showing reverence for the sanctuary, and not talking to others during the prayer service.

Even while we pray for help in specific areas of our lives, we surrender to God, acknowledging that only He knows what is best for us.

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Take care and may God grant us success in the coming month,


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