Saturday, December 29, 2018

Saturday, December 15, 2018

Is Faith Logical? and How to Build Unshakable Faith

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Some mistakenly think that you either have faith or you don't. In truth, faith is something we can strengthen, if we choose to.

Is Faith Logical? One Answer in Ten Questions

How to Build Unshakable Faith

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Saturday, December 8, 2018

Abraham + Isaac + Jacob = You

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This article explores further the topics of clarity, purity and joy:

Abraham + Isaac + Jacob = You

Happy Chanukah and Chodesh Tov!


Saturday, December 1, 2018

Lessons From Chanukah: Clarity, Purity and Joy and Tevet: Faith

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Sunday night is the first night of Chanukah:

Lessons From Chanukah: Clarity, Purity and Joy

Rosh Chodesh Tevet begins Friday night, the 7th of December and lasts for two days.

The month of Tevet encompasses two moods: Celebration and mourning. During the beginning of the month, we celebrate Chanukah, commemorating, among other events, the rededication of the Second Temple. Later in the month, on the 10th of Tevet, we fast and commemorate the siege of Jerusalem by the Babylonians, which led to the destruction of the First Temple.

In one month we commemorate two diametrically opposed events. Faith is the bridge between them. Even while we mourn an event which led to the destruction of the Temple, we have faith that like the miracle of Chanukah, another dedication of the Temple will occur, when the Messiah comes and dedicates the Third Temple.

Input into your checklist to do the following daily practice to enhance your faith: Think of a challenge and say to yourself:

“This is from God for my eternal benefit. Part of fulfilling my life’s purpose is doing what I can to overcome and grow from this challenge. This will work out in the end; either in this world or in the next. God is with me, giving me the strength and courage I need to triumph.”

Additional articles on faith, as it relates to dealing with adversity, are listed under the months of Tammuz and Av.

Questions for the month:

“What challenge will I use to help me strengthen my faith?”

“Is there an area of my faith where I have doubts and questions? If yes, who can I speak to for clarity?”

May God grant us success in the coming month and have a Happy Chanukah!